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Butyl Based Product


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High Performance Self-Adhesive Butyl Sealing Tape with Reinforced Aluminium Film and Easy Peelable Release Liner

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The Product
BU-TYLENE ALU PRO is a self-adhesive sealing tape consisting of a high-performance butyl rubber adhesive compound, protected by a reinforced aluminium film.
BU-TYLENE ALU PRO is characterized by the internal easy peel siliconized release liner.
BU-TYLENE ALU PRO is highly adhesive, even at low temperatures, to all common building materials.
BU-TYLENE ALU PRO is resistant to ageing and UV-rays.
BU-TYLENE ALU PRO is available in various sizes for multipurpose applications.

  • Tear-resistant;
  • Cold applied;
  • Excellent adhesion at low temperatures;
  • Waterproof and self-sealing;
  • Excellent heat stability;
  • Resistant to ageing and to UV-rays;
  • Easy peel;
  • No oil migration;
  • Solvent-free.

  • Sealing and joining materials such as glass, steel, Plexiglas, polycarbonate, wood, aluminium, PVC.
  • BU-TYLENE ALU PRO can be used for the sealing of doors and windows frames, conservatories, piping and ducting.
  • BU-TYLENE ALU PRO can also be applied in construction on canopies, roofs, chimneys and skylights.
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