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Butyl Based Product


Sealing Tapes & Strips

Sealing By Compression Butyl Strips

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The Product
Available in different sizes and profiles, they are made of different compounds:
P20 for large-sized profiles;
P60 for small-sized profiles;

The two different compounds constituting the Sealing By Compression Butyls, are characterized by distinctive and specific features.

The P20 compound has been designed for large-sized profiles, its main application are in prefabricated structures, manholes and rain water drains.
The main characteristics of the P20 are a high Shear Adhesion and a low Compression at 23 °C.

The P60 compound has been designed for small-sized profiles, its main applications are in metal constructions, panels, roofing and joinery.
In order to be suitable for these applications, the P60 compound is characterized by a high Probe Tack and a high Elasticity.

Each compound is available in different shapes and profiles (specifically designed for defined application.

Compatible with metals, steel, aluminium, glass, Plexiglas, polycarbonate, PVC, wood, concrete and most other common materials for construction.
These strips have been designed for sealing of metal constructions, roofing and panels, joinery, sheets made of shaped fibre cement plates, assembled prefabricated structures, corrugated sheets, manholes and rain water drains.
In addition, they have vibration damping properties between two supports.
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