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Isoltema® Group | Adhesive Solutions Worldwide
The Isoltema Group is a key player on the global market of butyl and bituminous sealants, as well as in the design and implementation of solutions, including through plant and process engineering.
Isoltema’s many years of experience in the bituminous field and that of Olin in the butyl sector has led to the development of a wide and comprehensive range of products able to quickly cater to the needs of customers and be highly competitive on the world market.
The results achieved in over 50 years of business activity stem from constant commitment in the field of research and development, from our expertise and experience and from extensive production flexibility.
The group’s corporate headquarters are currently located in Gambettola (FC - Italy), while its two production facilities, Italy and France, combine industrial production efficiency with unrivalled product quality.

Building a better quality of life together with you.
Our mission is to conceive, design and manufacture self-adhesive waterproofing and sealant products of excellent quality. Our goal is customer satisfaction achieved through careful service, professionalism and expertise. Always and everywhere.

Our leadership comes from your satisfaction.
The Isoltema Group is the world's leading manufacturer of sealing tapes and waterproof self-adhesive membranes. A leadership that stems from the satisfaction of hundreds of customers around the world and which is expressed in major engineering works. A leadership which has its roots in innovation and research, to find solutions tailored to the needs of many different sectors, - construction, industrial and energy, automotive, and do-it-yourself. A leadership constantly renewed thanks to a service culture and customer satisfaction, along with extensive technical and scientific know-how and the ability to provide fast answers to any query.

We use only top quality materials
To make its products, the Isoltema Group uses only quality raw materials from certified producers which, along with in-house controls, allow us to provide our customers with top-quality products in compliance with the very highest industry standards.
Discover our history
Isoltema | Keep it dry, keep it safe
Isoltema was set up in the early-Eighties, in Gambettola as a small manufacturer of self-adhesive products for the building trade. In 1992 it became Isoltema S.p.A. and started exporting its products worldwide. After nearly a decade, the company achieved a production output of up to 2.5 million square metres of adhesive rolls and membranes sold worldwide. The dynamic development of the company led to the opening of a distribution office in the United States of America under the name of TTI. This was one of the factors of the company’s success on the US market, especially with Ekobit, a bituminous-based product. In 2006 the company invested in the construction of a new high-tech production facility in Longiano, thanks to which it achieved the ambitious goal of 10 million square metres of membranes and bituminous tapes. At the same time, Isoltema started manufacturing Butyl Sealants and in 2010 went into partnership with the Spanish distributor A&S. Just two years later came the strategic turning point for Isoltema with the purchase of the French company Olin, specialized in the production and sale of extruded tapes, thanks to which it completed its butyl range. This opportunity enabled the Isoltema Group to further specialize in the production of butyl products – cut tapes under the Isoltema brand and extruded tapes and compounds under the Olin brand. In 2015, the Die Cut machine was purchased thanks to which products can be made in various shapes to cater to customer requirements. The company has also improved its production capacity as regards butyl sold in drums and continues to invest in order to provide customized compounds able to satisfy the technical requirements of its customers.  
Olin | La solution d’étanchéité
Olin was established in the late-Fifties as a company specialized in the production of linseed-oil based adhesives.
Two decades passed before the company started making top-quality self-adhesive butyl products and made a name for itself above all on the French market. In the early-Nineties, the first butyl sealing tape reinforced with aluminium film was produced and Olin began to assert itself on the global market.
With over thirty years of experience, Olin invested in new technologies and built a new production plant dedicated to the production of butyl in St. Pierre de Chandieu.
50 years later, we can say that the company has come a long way since those linseed-oil based adhesive days. Backed by its many years of experience in the field of butyl extrusion, in 2012 Olin was acquired by Isoltema and became a member and a technological partner of excellence of the Isoltema Group.
Total Quality.
For the Isoltema Group, Quality is an imperative concept. Every action, process and material must be synonymous with quality.

For its products, the Group uses carefully selected Raw Materials supplied by certified producers which, together with internal controls, ensures that these are of the highest quality and in conformity with the very best industrial standards. All production processes are fully automated and controlled by PLC, to ensure the traceability of each operating phase.

Our products must be suitable for application in any country in the world, in any environmental condition, while always complying with the specifications and performances indicated on the technical sheets. For this reason, with the R&D Laboratory inside the Company, a Total Quality Control program has been set up, aimed at monitoring every stage of the production process, from Raw Material to Finished Product, from the normal Ageing Process to Packaging Quality.
The Quality Control System adopted by the Isoltema Group.
Quality Control carries out all the tests required by EN 13707, EN 13969 and EN 13970 standards during and at the end of the Isoltema bituminous membrane production process.
The company’s bituminous membranes are therefore marketed with an EC Declaration of Conformity. Butyl products are also placed on the market with an EC Declaration according to the harmonised EN 13956 standard.
The products of the Isoltema range are tested and certified according to European and international standards depending on the sector and field of application.
For all butyl and bituminous products, Isoltema holds assessment of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) made by the eco-INSTITUTE according to SINTEF ISO 16000-6 standards. Some products of the Isoltema range have undergone tests to determine fire resistance according to UNI EN 13501 and UNI EN ISO 11925-2. Other products, mainly intended for the building trade, have been tested to determine water vapour permeability in accordance with UNI EN 1931 and water tightness in accordance with UNI EN 1928. What is more, for some of its bituminous membranes, Isoltema holds Radon Barrier certification issued by SP Swedish National Testing & Research Institute and Methane Barrier certification according to the CSI Method.
In order to carry out internal Quality Controls aimed at further guaranteeing the high quality standards of the product, a sample of compound is taken for each production batch and subjected to the R&D Laboratory controls based on consolidated international standards. Our laboratory also carries out further dedicated tests on products manufactured purposely for specific applications.
For each production batch, samples of the finished product are also kept together with relative quality test results, which allow product traceability over time: the data acquired from the Quality Control tests are then filed and stored in a double archive, electronic and paper.
As a responsible company, we design our products to be sustainable and to provide long-term satisfaction.

Ageing Checks
To perform Ageing Checks, a roll of material is sampled monthly. On the sampled material, all scheduled tests are carried out periodically  in order to monitor the normal behaviour of the compound over time; according to Isoltema standards, this must maintain adequate adhesive characteristics for over 10 years.

Packaging Checks
Further random checks are performed on the packaged product. The aim of these checks is to ensure packaging complies with customer requirements and promptly implement improvement measures to ensure best possible packaging characteristics.
In the forefront for over 50 years.
Isoltema believes in innovation and that is why the company regularly invests  in cutting-edge technology machinery able to satisfy the needs of customers. Thanks to a recent investment in a die-cut machine, Isoltema is now able to supply each of its products cut into different shapes depending on the field of application. Our experience and our production flexibility enable us to constantly expand our range of products and make it better able to meet the needs of customers.
Reliability, performance and flexibility are the keywords of our industrial capacity. If you have a request for a small production run or for a large project, for a standard product or for a new solution, the quality of our service will always be that of an "Industry Partner".

The Isoltema Group boasts cutting-edge research and development laboratories, specializing in research and innovation, and which tirelessly develop, monitor, update and enhance the company’s product lines.
The laboratory features highly-specialized tools able to develop tapes, sealants and membranes with bituminous or butyl compounds, capable of catering to the needs of customers and those of an international and fast-evolving market.

Certified by the FPC, Factory Production Control, the laboratory features workplaces with controlled microclimate, equipment subject to scheduled calibration and qualified staff, all of which ensures the validity of the results of the controls carried out, with the least possible error factor percentage.

For over 50 years, the Isoltema Group has been a reliable industrial partner for more than 300 companies, able to satisfy the needs of its customers quickly and promptly.